Aj's Firestarters

Locally made from 100% recycled materials.

AJ's Firestarters will burn for up to 30 minutes, even in strong winds!


"They work amazing! I'll be using these from now on."

Ardon A

"I used to use gas to start my fires and now I just use AJ's Firestarters."

Mike N

"I could never start fire before, now I have no problems!"

Darcie S

"I keep one in my emergency kit!"

Nicole P

"They're awesome and work great! I will only buy AJ's Firestarters!"

Danie D

"I recommend them for anyone that goes camping!"

Kim D


Single Pack

  • A single fire starter, wrapped in newsprint and ready to go!

6 Pack

  • 6 fire starters
  • 1 box of matches
AJ Dykens-Dunbar

Meet AJ Dykens-Dunbar

A man in his early 20s supported behind-the-scenes by the Strathmore Foothills AIM Society (FAIM) who’s has started up a great little business.

Aj at the Canada Day Strathmore Farmer's Market

Strathmore Farmer's Market

The Strathmore Farmer's markets are done for the season but you can still find me! Follow me on Facebook, contact me or even better, place an order through the website!